Set of Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam Ornaments


A sun with a beaming smile, surrounded by the lyrics to the greatest primary song of all time. A perfect gift for little ones in your ward!

    Material Transparent Acrylic
    Construction Laser Etching
    Size 3 Inches
    Weight 0.5 oz Each
    Shipping Usually ships within 1-2 days
    Returns Within 30 days of purchase

Product Description

“I’ll Be a Sunbeam” is a very popular children’s Christian hymn composed by Nellie Talbot while sung to music composed in 1900 by Edwin O. Excell. Virtually nothing is known about lyricist Nellie Talbot; attempts to search census records suggest that she may have been born in Missouri in 1874 and was living in Chicago in 1910, but these identifications are speculative. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a children’s primary program which includes “Sunbeams”, a class for 3 year old children.

Made out of a lightweight and very durable transparent acrylic, this ornament will not weigh your tree down and can definitely withstand being dropped by the little ones should they get too curious around the tree.  The acrylic is cut into a 3 inch circle and then laser etched with the artistic depiction.

Get a few for your tree at home and for the members of your ward!