Bismarck North Dakota Temple Christmas Ornament


Let this ornament bring your family close together around the tree to ponder the miracle of the Bismarck North Dakota Temple.

    MaterialTransparent Acrylic
    ConstructionLaser Etching
    Length4 Inches
    Width3 7/8 Inches
    Weight0.8 oz
    ShippingUsually ships within 1-2 days 
    ReturnsWithin 30 days of purchase

Product Description

Made out of a lightweight and very durable transparent acrylic, this ornament will not weigh your tree down and can definitely withstand being dropped by the little ones should they get too curious around the tree.  The acrylic is cut into a 4 inch circle and then laser etched with the name of the temple and a graphic depicting an artistic representation of the Bismarck North Dakota Temple.

Get one for your loved ones to remind them that families can be together forever!

Temple Information


2930 Cody Drive
Bismarck, North Dakota  58503


September 19, 1999


10,700 sq ft (990 m 2 )

Temple History

The Bismarck North Dakota Temple was the first temple built in the Dakotas (and in North Dakota).

Though the members of the temple district were scattered among a large region, the completion of the Bismarck North Dakota Temple brought the blessings of the temple much closer to the Saints. For example, those living in Grand Forks, North Dakota, made a 16-hour trip to attend the temple in Chicago. Members in Minot, North Dakota, drove 14 hours to Cardston, Alberta. Saints in Rapid City, South Dakota, traveled 7 hours to Denver. Robert B. Dahlgren, the temple's first president, noted that members of the district were highly dedicated and used to traveling long distances. He spoke of a retired couple who lived some distance from Bismarck who readily agreed to move to Bismarck to work in the temple full time.1

President Gordon B. Hinckley's trip to dedicate the Bismarck North Dakota Temple was his first time in North Dakota, the only state in the United States he had never visited. Having logged millions of miles of travel to most of the countries of the world, this was a welcomed trip to a state in his own country.2